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Therapeutic socks for the treatment of fatigue and cramps

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Spikenergy Therapeutic Socks exploit the metallotherapeutic action of Spike yarn to treat fatigue and cramps and relieve symptoms relating to poor venous circulation of the feet and ankles. The electromagnetotherapy system helps to biostimulate microcirculation. The copper, zinc and silicon woven fabric helps prevent fungi and soreness generally due to excessive sweating. The therapeutic socks help to: reduce swelling, reduce heaviness in the legs and reactivate microcirculation

FIT - The therapeutic socks are from soft-stretch fabric that allows them to adhere to the foot and ankle without feeling tight. The absence of an elastic edge at the ankle avoids the leaving of marks on the skin and guarantees better circulation.

AN ALLY AGAINST PAIN - Suitable for those suffering from sprains or problems relating to poor circulation, Spikenergy Therapeutic Socks useful as a coadjuvant in case of inflammation, edema and pain.

AUTHORIZATION - SPY 550 CALZINO is a medical device approved by the Italian Ministry of Health pursuant to Article 21 of Legislative Decree 24th February 1997, No. 46. Implementation of Directive 93/4/EEC concerning medical devices.

HOW TO USE - Wear for at least 6-9 hours a day to help relieve fatigue and pain. To be worn correctly, the logo should be positioned under the heel.

SHOE SIZE 35-37 38-40 40-42 42-44 44-46 46-48

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