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Spike is composed of a weave of extremely soft polyester, copper, zinc and silicon fibres that, in contact with skin and sweat, constantly emit biostimulating microcurrents that help restore microcirculation. This is a completely natural process that activates a delicate magnetic field, helpful in cases of pain, osteoarticular symptoms, fluid retention and poor circulation. In contact with painful areas, the fabric generates a gentle, warming sensation of well-being.

Our fabric’s innovation lies in being able to treat inflammation, fluid retention and acute and chronic pain with a wearable device, useful for the fields of physiatry, sports medicine, orthopaedics, traumatology and rheumatology. In addition to the above pathologies, Spikenergy and Spikecell medical products are also useful in the treatment of phlebo-angiopathies, oedematous panniculitis and cellulite.

Research and innovation

Over the past few years in the medical field, we have been witnessing a keen growth of interest in alternative therapeutic approaches of a bioenergetic type, capable of complementing or entirely replacing drug therapies. Recent studies have shown that micro-currents have a repolarizing effect on damaged cells, promoting the repair of physiological membranes and the resumption of normal cellular functions. Our fabric Spike is the fruit of these studies and over 10 years of research and development, carried out by specialist staff technicians with the collaboration of doctors and researchers.

Our product was born from the idea of using the natural properties of metals to treat certain functional alterations in the body. After lengthy laboratory testing, we were able to produce a fabric woven with zinc, copper and silicon fibres, creating a unique and innovative composition that helps relieve pain and reduce healing times. To guarantee product effectiveness, the fabric was then subjected to a rigorous series of clinical assessments that objectively confirmed the benefits for specific body areas and highlighted the mechanism of action.

Today, Spike is a product certified by the Italian Ministry of Health and patented in 28 countries.


Microcurrents are used as a therapeutic approach to treat pathologies and diseases of the osteoarticular and circulatory system through tissue stimulation. It has been demonstrated that microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) has repolarizing effect on damaged cells, promoting the restoration of the electrical potential of physiological membranes and the resumption of normal circulatory functions. Microcurrents and magnetotherapy help treat trauma, strain injuries, inflammation, fluid retention and various degenerative pathologies. Gafitex has, therefore, created a therapeutic system based on electromagnetism, with zinc and copper filaments integrated into a wearable elastic fabric that generates an electromagnetic field capable of regenerating tissues it comes into contact with.

A study by LYNN A. WALLACE, which collected data on the application of microcurrent therapy, revealed that 94% of 1,531 patients undergoing this type of therapy for acute musculoskeletal injuries experienced a reduction in pain during their first treatment, without any side effect or aggravation of the symptoms.