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Spike: wearable technology

Spikenergy and SpikeCell products are the result of the most advanced research in textile materials.

The innovation lies in the possibility to treat inflammation, oedema and acute and chronic pain with a wearable device.

Clinically tested and patented in 28 countries

Working under the supervision of a pool of experts, we have succeeded in creating Spike, a fabric woven with zinc, copper and silicon fibres whose unique composition relieves pain and reduces healing time by exerting constant biostimulation aimed at restoring microcirculation.

How does it work?

Spikenergy is born from a revolutionary technology that harnesses microcurrents to bring extraordinary benefits to our body. Through a blend of copper, zinc, and silicon fibers, the product generates a current of 210 microamperes upon contact with the skin's sweat, producing a unique healing effect and an unparalleled sense of well-being.

This is a completely natural process that generates a gentle magnetic field, which activates in case of pain, musculoskeletal issues, edema, and poor circulation.

The benefits

  • Accelerate the
    healing process

  • Reduce pain

  • Regenerate the

  • Reactivate

  • Reduce swelling
    and inflammation

  • Improve joint

  • Drain excess

Clinical studies

In recent years, the medical world is witnessing an increasing interest in alternative bioenergetic therapeutic approaches, capable of assisting or replacing pharmacological therapies. Recent studies have shown that using microcurrent bands promotes the restoration and recovery of normal cellular functions, helping to heal trauma, inflammation, oedema and various degenerative and overload conditions.

The results after
two weeks of use

Several clinical studies have been conducted to verify the benefits of microcurrent therapy with Spike fabric, including one conducted in collaboration with LYNN A. WALLACE, which showed that 94% of 1531 patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries experienced a reduction in pain during the first treatment without any side effects or aggravation of symptoms.

The test was carried out using techniques designed to eliminate possible placebo effects.