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Gafitex is a historic company located in the industrial district to the north of Mantua, an area with a strong manufacturing vocation.

Originally a textile laboratory, today, the company is an innovative and evolved market leader that continues to invest heavily in research and innovation.

The first trademark registered by Gafitex was Texenergy, which was developed into a complete range of products using magnetic microcurrents as a natural pain therapy technique.

Gafitex products are patented in 28 countries and certified as medical products.

History and values

A story that began in the sixties

In the roaring 60s, Giorgio Botturi, founder of Gafitex, started a textile business in the industrial district to the north of Mantua for the production and finishing of women’s hosiery items.The sixties were the years of economic boom and great recovery. Women’s fashion was subject to strong changes in style, with skirts getting shorter and shorter. The miniskirt was born and legs become the star of the show. Hosiery became an essential piece of clothing. Many companies in the active “Italian industrial triangle” began to specialize in the manufacture of women’s hosiery, with the founding of companies such as Golden-Lady, S.Pellegrino, Filodoro and Levante, of which Gafitex became one of the major suppliers.

The high quality of Gafitex yarns made the company one of the leading producers in Europe, accounting for as much as 65% of European yarn production. This allowed the company to expand and hire new resources within the production process

2002: the year of change

In 2002, Gafitex decided to commit to the research and development of a new fabric, a highly technological and innovative yarn composed of a weave of polyester, silicon, copper and zinc fibres that, when in contact with skin and sweat, is able to produce magnetic microcurrents for therapeutic purposes. After years of research, studies, patents, certifications and collaborations with prestigious universities, SPIKE was born, a highly performing, soft-to-the-touch fabric that leverages the most innovative medical research to naturally treat pain, fluid retention and chronic and acute inflammation.

SPIKENERGY and SPIKECELL are the two new brands patented by the company, representing lines of therapeutic products available to patients, doctors and pharmacists.

Gafitex’s latest patented product is SPIKEDORMISANO, a mattress cover made from the same fabric as SPIKENERGY and SPIKECELL, with all the same therapeutic benefits for the pain treatment.

Much more than just a yarn

Gafitex’s mission is to offer medical devices that allow patients to improve the quality of their lives, and doctors and pharmacists to benefit from innovative approaches for the treatment of osteoarticular pathologies. As part of this mission, Gafitex is committed to bringing to the distribution market products with innovative elements, competitive advantages and useful differential features that patients, doctors and pharmacists recognize and appreciate. New milestones for health and quality of life improvements.