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Studio clinico dr. Dotti-dr. Sandonini

Dotti: Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Dip di Ingegneria Industriale

Sandonini: Samatex, Brescia Resp. Ricerca e sviluppo

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An innovative textile product that generates a microcurrent with therapeutic properties for the treatment of venous insufficiency.

Bandages have been used for support and compression since time immemorial, so much so that the first records date back to the Neolithic period (5,000 to 2,500 BC), with finds of paintings in the Tassili caves of the Sahara depicting leg-bandaged warriors performing a kind of ritual dance. Bandages were increasingly used in medicine over the following centuries, and were produced in various fibrous materials, such as wool, linen, rubber, and so on. However, the first modern application of elastic compressive bandages came after 1850 with the production of elastic fabrics, and much later elastic stockings.

Studio clinico M. Mosca, C. Rona


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Electromagnetic therapy has traditionally been considered an alternative discipline, although, in reality, it now shares the same aims and premises as the medical-biological sciences according to evidence reported in the literature and data from recent experimental studies.

Starting from the hypothesis of using the properties of metals to treat certain functional alterations of the body, a fabric was created from copper, zinc and silicon fibres, giving the product unique, innovative qualities.

To bring scientific rigour and relevance to a discipline that has been, thus far, almost exclusively empirical, the product has been subjected to a series of precise clinical assessments aimed at objectively evaluating the benefits for specific body areas (skin and joints) and highlighting the mechanism of action of creating a sort of Voltaic pile from the physical association of the three fibres. The communication will detail the safety and efficacy aspects investigated.

Studio clinico dott. F. Oliva

Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Viale Oxford, 81, Rome, ITALY

A randomized, double-blind study with the Spikenergy anklet in the treatment of ankle sprains.

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Lateral ankle sprains are among the most common injuries during athletic or recreational activities. In particular, around 260,000 ankle sprains are recorded per year in the United Kingdom, and more than 23,000 in the United States per day, accounting for costs of approximately 2 billion US dollars per year. Around 40% of sprains can cause chronic complications, therefore, underestimating such trauma can lead to long-term discomfort for patients. Aimed at speeding-up recovery and helping patients return to normal daily activities after an ankle sprain, we designed a randomized double-blind study to prove the validity of the conservative treatment for acute first and second degree ankle sprains using Spikenergy ankle supports vs. normal elastic ankle supports over a short period.