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The effectiveness of microcurrents in the service of pain therapy

Spikenergy has always been by your side to treat trauma, inflammation, edema and various chronic conditions

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    healing process

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Wear the well-being Spike the innovative Gafitex yarn

An innovative, patented technology, born from 10 years of research. A unique yarn composed of copper and zinc threads woven together that help heal trauma, inflammation, oedema and various degenerative and overload conditions, reducing the healing time.

Proven results already after the first two weeks of use.

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Goodbye pain

Products designed and conceived for an effective therapy against acute and chronic pain

Ideal for athletes

Spikenergy is ideal in particular for sports enthusiasts. The unisex product range is suitable for all syndromes characterized by inflammation, oedema and pain, particularly in Physiatrics, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology.

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Goodbye Cellulite

Find out how to treat oedemas and microcirculation disorders simply and naturally.

Ideal against skin imperfections

SpikeCell products use microcurrents to perform a massaging action that drains toxins and excess fluid, toning the thighs, buttocks and abdomen and reactivating microcirculation.

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What is your problem?

Spikenergy offers several solutions to help you treat injury, inflammation, oedema and various degenerative and overload conditions. Select your pathology and find the right support for your need.

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Spikenergy and Spikecell: a natural solution for pain

  • Clinical studies have shown that combining the use of Spikenergy and Spikecell devices with traditional pain relief therapy can significantly reduce healing times and increase the perceived benefit for the patient.

  • The devices have been designed to be worn daily under clothing and in direct contact with skin, both during the day and the night’s rest.